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Wireless in vivo neural recording
Wireless EEG implant
Wireless ECG for mice or rats
Epoch system reciever tray
Connections on Epoch receiver tray
Epoch wireless receiver for pups

BIOPAC Epoch Wireless EEG System for Animals

Long-term wireless EEG/neural signal system for rats, mice, or pups

BIOPAC Epoch Wireless EEG System for Animals


Long-term wireless EEG/neural signal system for rats, mice, or pups

Dual-channel wireless EEG implantable transmitters

Additional transmitters available—just move the receiver tray to record from multiple home cages

Each Epoch EEG Transmitter amplifies and transmits two channels of high-fidelity EEG data. To record, simply place the animal’s cage on top of the receiver tray with the implanted animal inside of the cage. EEG data from the sensor is telemetered to the receiving tray and then sent to the data acquisition system.

  • Small implants uniquely suited for neonatal and adult rodent recording
  •         Two-week transmitter suitable for pre-weaned rodents (less than postnatal day 21)
  •         Two-month transmitter suitable for rats as young as postnatal day 7 and older OR mice as young as postnatal day 12 and older
  •         Six-month transmitter suitable for adult rats and mice
  • Transmitter mounts to the skull with cyanoacrylate
  • Reduces surgical time to tens of minutes

When used with an MP Research System, use the power of AcqKnowledge software’s automation and scoring tools to identify seizures, predefine and control recording protocols, or set triggers based on external events (dosing, light changes, etc.). After recording, use automated EEG analysis routines to quickly score multiple channels of EEG data simultaneously. Derive frequency bands, complete a Frequency analysis, look at Alpha RMS, etc., all with guided automated routines.

Local field potential data
Local field potential data recorded bilaterally in dorsal CA1 of hippocampus in the adult mouse. Courtesy of Dr Jay Spamanato

Complete system includes a receiver tray, two 2-channel implantable EEG sensor transmitters*, Faraday cage, and interface cables (2 x CBL102) to collect data from a mouse housed in an industry standard home cage. The receiver tray has BNC connections that easily connect to a BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition system (via the UIM100C) or third-party devices capable of accepting signals within the ±5 V range.

Teflon insulated platinum electrode wires are 10 cm and can be truncated to desired length; custom longer lengths available on request.

This system ships with the default transmitter Gain setting; other Gain settings are available if requested before order is placed. AcqKnowledge software includes the scale settings for each transmitter Gain option.

Neural Implant Gain Options

Typical Use



EEG, ECoG, LFP – default


±1.0 mV range, 2.0 mVpp in = 4 V out



±2.5 mV range, 5.0 mVpp in = 4 V out

LFP, EEG in rat or mouse pups


 ±0.5 mV range, 1.0 mVpp in = 4 V out

Additional sensor transmitters can be ordered individually.

Receiver Tray Specifications

Operating Temperature: 30-45ºC
Maximum Tray Dimensions

Pup: 188 mm x 188 mm x 160 mm  (7.4″ x 7.4″ x 6.3″ )
Mouse: 345 mm x 210 mm x 21 mm  ( 13.6″ x 8.25″ x 1″ )
Rat: 429 mm x 216 mm x 21 mm (16.9″ x 8.5″ x 1″)

Maximum Animal Size: 1 Kg
Maximum Output: ±4V

Activate Sensors When You’re Ready to Use Them

Add the Sensor Activation & Test Utility (EPOCH-ACTI) to start the sensor battery when ready to use the transmitter.

  • The reusable activator is battery operated and can be used for any sensors that are ordered as deactivated.
  • Transmitters must be activated within 6 months of shipment to ensure the full 2-month or 6-month active battery-life.
  • Sensors will be shipped with the battery running unless requested as “deactivated” when ordered.
    • Request “deactivated sensors” in the comments section when ordering sensors (EPOCH-T6 or EPOCH-T2) or systems (EPOCH-MSE-SYS or EPOCH-RAT-SYS).
    • Deactivated sensors require that the user has an EPOCH-ACTI on-hand or includes one in the EPOCH order.
  • The activator utility can also output two independent channels of data (sinewaves) for testing purposes.

For more options, add SleepSign (SSA100W) for complete sleep data analysis or use Camera Systems (CAMSYS4 or CAMSYS8) to monitor and record protocols and animal behavior. Recorded video will be time synchronized to the physiological signals in AcqKnowledge for easy investigation of key areas of interest.