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FOTS200 High Field Fibre-Optic Temperature Signal Conditioner

Biopac FOTS200

Stand-Alone High Field Fibre Optic Temperature System

Biopac FOTS200

The FOTS200 Control Unit is a single-channel signal conditioner specifically designed for measuring physiological temperature. The system is designed to perform in stringent environments by offering the highest temperature accuracy and resolution in the industry. The unit interfaces with TSD380 and TSD381 high accuracy MR Conditional temperature sensor transducers for high field strength MRI applications. It should be used instead of the FOTS100 when customers want to measure temperature inside the scanner and the MRI field strength is greater than 3T.

This is a stand-alone system, but it can also be interfaced to BIOPAC MP Systems:  

  • MP160, MP150 or MP100 System via included Analog output cables: CBL102 + CBL106
  • MP36R/36/35 System: add isolated BNC interface SS70L + BNC-to-RCA cable (separate purchase)

The analogue output parameters comprise the scale factor and the offset. The scale factor corresponds to the physical unit per Volt (unit/V) output by the system, while the offset corresponds to the physical value at which the user wants
the analogue output to be at zero volts. For example, with a scale factor set to 10° C / V and the offset set to 5° C, the temperature as a function of the analogue output voltage is given by:
Temperature = [Voltage output] x 10° C / V + 5 °C
Default values: Scale factor 50° C / V (or its equivalent in ° F); Offset 0° C (or its equivalent in ° F).

FOTS200 includes: Single channel control unit with 20 Hz sampling rate, RS-232 output interface, ±5 V analogue output, AC wall adapter.

See the Documents Tab to view sales literature with full specifications.

TSD380/TSD381 High Field Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors

The TSD380 Rectal temperature sensor and TSD381 Surface temperature sensor are high accuracy fiber optic temperature probes. Both sensors are suitable for use in high field MRI environments greater than 3T.

MRI Use:MR Conditional
Condition: MR field strength > 3T; FOTS200 module stays in the control room.

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