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Aesthesio 20 Piece Kit Open
Aesthesio 20 Piece Kit
Aesthesio 20 Piece Kit
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Danmic Aesthesio Sensory Evaluators

Aesthesio Sensory Evaluator Kit. Set of 20 sensory evaluators in a soft case.

Danmic Aesthesio Sensory Evaluators

Aesthesio® Tactile Sensory Evaluator Kit (20 Evaluators in Soft Case).

The Aesthesio sensory evaluators are the latest evolution of the traditional Semmes Weinstein monofilaments (often referred to as Von-Frey Hairs) for evaluating sensitivity to touch.  The Aesthesio evaluators include a novel rotating protective sleeve which prevents damage to the monofilament when it is not in use.  Rotate the protective sleeve through 180 degrees and rotate the filament head through 90 degrees and it snaps firmly into its operating position, ready for use. 
Aesthesio® Precision Tactile Sensory Evaluators (Semmes-Weinstein Monofilaments) provide a noninvasive evaluation of cutaneous sensation levels throughout the body with results that are objective and repeatable. Using Aesthesio® Precision
Tactile Sensory Evaluators is indicated in diagnoses including nerve compression syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, thermal injuries and postoperative nerve repair.

The Aesthesio® Precision Tactile Sensory Evaluator consists of a standardized set of nylon filaments, all of varying length and diameter. The force at which a monofilament bends is proportional to its diameter, and inversely proportional to its length. Aesthesio® Precision Tactile Sensory Evaluators are selected and labeled so as to give a linear scale of perceived intensity (a logarithmic scale is applied.)

Certified Quality. Made in the USA.
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