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Actiwatch Spectrum Plus

Philips Respironics Actiwatch Spectrum Plus

Actiwatch Spectrum Plus - Actigraphy wristwatch with advanced sensing capabilities. Collect activity and sleep information along with multiple light measurements, event marker button entries, and patient compliance over days, weeks, and even months.
Actiwatch Spectrum P

Philips Respironics Actiwatch Spectrum Plus

The Actiwatch family of devices is designed to help you better understand a subject’s daily activity and sleep/wake patterns in response to drug or behavioral therapies. Cost-effective, and objective, each device is built to be rugged, comfortable, and waterproof. Find the device that best meets your needs.

Actigraphy technology can help you assess the sleep/wake patterns of a variety of patients with various sleep complaints. Actigraphy serves as a complement or adjunct to a polysomnogram or subjective paper diary. Use Actiwatch to gain insight into real-world sleep/wake and daytime activity. Data collected by actigraphy devices has a variety of applications in sleep medicine and sleep disorder, circadian rhythm disorder, and daytime activity research.
Actigraphy advantages:

  • Noninvasive - no wires or uncomfortable sensor attachments
  • Objective - provides an accurate representation of sleep/wake history
  • Ambulatory - real-world sleep/wake data collected during everyday living
  • Multiple-night monitoring - continuous monitoring for weeks/months
  • “Wear it and forget it” technology - improved patient compliance
  • Low daily cost - reusable devices
  • Rugged dependability - monitor with confidence

Wristwatch with advanced sensing capabilities

Collect activity and sleep information along with multiple light measurements, event marker button entries, and patient compliance over days, weeks, and even months.

  • Real watch-face displays data and time for user-convenience
  • Off-wrist detection software indicates when the device was not wornLong-term recording supports months of dataAdvanced light-sensing records photopic, red, green, and blue light
  • Audible off-wrist reminder reminds user to put the device back onDirect USB connectivity enables rapid charging and data retrieval
  • Rechargeable battery eliminates need for battery changes

Actiwatch Spectrum Plus Specifications:

 Size:  48mm x 37mm x 14mm
 Weight:  30 grams (with band)
 Case Material:  ABS Blend (Biocompatible)
 Standard Wrist Band:  BASF Elastollan 1175A10W (TPU) with titanium buckle
 Battery Type:  CR 2430 Lithium Coin Cell (factory replaced)
 Logger Battery Life:  8 months with continuous use
 Memory:  Non-volatile 1 MBits

Logging interval

 Epoch Length  Epochs per day  Logging time (activity only)  Logging time (activity and RGB light)
 15 seconds  5760  45.5 days  9 days
 30 seconds  2880  91 days  18 days
 1 minute  1440  182 days  36 days

Note: Device also records in 2-minute and 5-minute epoch lengths, in photopic light-only mode, and in an RGB light only mode.

Accelerometer details

 Type:  Solid-state "Piezo-electric" accelerometer
 Range:  0.5 - 2 G peak value
 Bandwidth:  0.35 - 7.5 Hz typical
 Sensitivity:  0.025 G (a 2 count level)
 Sampling Rate:  32 Hz

Light sensor details

 Type:  Color sensitive photodiodes
 Wavelength Range:  400 - 700 nanometers
 Measurement Units: Irradiance (microwatts/cm²)
Photon flux (photons/cm²/sec)
Photopic illuminance (Lux)
 Illuminance Range:  0.1 - 5500 microwatts/cm²
 Accuracy:  10% at 1500 Lux (typical)

Off wrist detector

 Sensor:  Capacitive
 On-Wrist Activation Range:  < 2mm

Environmental attributes

 Moisture Protection:  Waterproof 1m for 30 min per IPX7 IEC 60529
 Operating Temperature Range:  5°C to 40 °C
 Resistance:  Resists dust, water, heat, perspiration and cold

Computer & communications attributes

 Hardware Platform Personal Computer: Pentium II or later
 Operating System Compatibility Actiware: Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8;

Actiware CT: Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business or Vista Ultimate
 Communications Interface: USB to Infrared connection
 USB Compatibility: Version 1.1 or 2.0 full speed
 Data Communication Rates: 57.6 kbps

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