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CAMSYS4 - Camera System 4 - Multi-Subject Video Monitoring

Biopac Systems Inc. CAMSYS4 - Multi-Subject Video Monitoring System

BIOPAC Multi-Subject Monitoring Systems revolutionize the way video data can be recorded and synchronized with an MP160/MP150 Research system. This four camera configuration allows researchers to record time-synchronized video data along with physiological signals from an existing MP160/MP150 Research System.

Biopac Systems Inc. CAMSYS4 - Multi-Subject Video Monitoring System

Multi-Subject Video Monitoring System with Four Cameras

CAMSYS4 includes everything needed to record 4 channels of video data for integration with an existing MP160/MP150 System and AcqKnowledge software.*

The Camera Systems record multiple subjects or camera angles and AcqKnowledge media functionality synchronizes the video to any physiological data being recorded with the MP160/MP150 Research System. The cameras work well in low-light conditions, making them very well-suited for long-term recordings, sleep studies, animal studies, and more...

View the video capture window and physiology in AcqKnowledge in real-time during recording—and scroll through the linked data in either the AcqKnowledge graph file or video playback viewer for review and analysis. Scrolling through one file will automatically advance the linked file to the same location.

During recording, the video capture window is capable of displaying all camera views at once in a stacked display. The included multiplexer allows the user to toggle between cameras, or cycle through all views. This allows the researcher to focus on a particular camera view during recording when necessary, and then easily revert back to the stacked camera view.

*Camera Systems work with AcqKnowledge Version 4.1 or above,
Windows Operating System only.

CAMSYS4 Includes:

CAMSYS4 System Package Contains:
  • 4 x Cameras (see additional camera specs below)
  • High Speed Color Quad Multiplexer (with Audio) for Camera System (see additional specs below)
  • Power Splitter (1 female to 4 male 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm)
  • Power Supply (US or Euro based on shipping address)
  • Firewire A/D Converter with cable (IEEE 1394B) and power supply
  • 4 Tripod stands (1-2 meter range)
  • 4 x 19" black gooseneck adapters for tripod stands
  • RCA male to BNC male cable
  • Power splitter (1 female to 2 male 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm)

Additional Camera Specifications:
  • 1/4" Color CMOS Image Sensors
  • Cable Length: 60'
  • 420 TV Lines, Horizontal
  • 6mm Lens
  • Signal: NTSC
  • Night Vision Min. Light: 0 Lux (IR On)
  • IR Irradiation Distance: up to 30'
  • Operation Temperature: -5 F ~ 120 F
  • Power: 12 V DC
  • Power Supply: 12 V 1500mA 4 Port

Additional Multiplexer Specifications:

  • Supported Resolution NTSC: 720 (H) x 480 (V)
  • 8 channel video signal input ,1Vp-p,75O
  • Video Output
  • Audio Input 4 channel audio input (RCA)
  • Audio Output 1 channel audio output (RCA)
  • Power Consumption 5W(400mA)
  • Operation Temperature -10 to 60
  • Operational Humidity within 85%RH
  • Power Supply: DC12 V
  • Dimension 210 mm(L) x 130 mm(W) x 40 mm(H)

FireWire Cable Information:
System is shipped with three FireWire cables to cover various computer FireWire revisions:

If the 6 pin to 4 pin cable is used, the included AC adapter must also be used with the FireWire A/D converter.
The 6 pin to 6 pin and 6 pin to 9 pin FireWire cables are powered by the computer and no AC adapter is needed.