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BIOPAC BIOPAC BASIC Scripting License for AcqKnowledge

Take AcqKnowledge to the next level by adding BIOPAC Basic Scripting.
ACK100W/M-BAS Biopac

BIOPAC BIOPAC BASIC Scripting License for AcqKnowledge

ACK100W-BAS (Windows) ACK100M-BAS (Mac)

Take AcqKnowledge to the next level by adding BIOPAC Basic Scripting

It will significantly reduce analysis time and improve consistency with standardized automated procedures.

  • Customize– Acquisition setup and analysis
  • Automate – Acquisitions and perform batched analysis
  • Simplify – Add dialogs and prompts to assist users
  • Expedite – Reduce analysis time and publish faster
  • Quality – Improve results with greater consistency

Use BIOPAC Basic Scripting to customize the display and simplify the user interface. Labs repeat the same procedure many times across multiple subjects and with the use of scripting it is possible to consolidate many tasks into one automated routine that eliminates the potential for error. This provides greater standardization and consistency while improving the quality of data. Guarantee reproducibility every time with a Basic Script, no matter who is controlling the experiment.

Basic Scripting not only allows control of the display and AcqKnowledge functions, it also allows the addition of customized messages and prompts. Create a standardized procedure and document it within a Basic Script. Customized instructions popup to inform the user when they have to perform a task, or when something is taking place. Scripts are extremely useful for automating and guiding the calibration process. Add automated prompts and instructions to simplify the protocol and provide additional guidance.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time for further analysis with the use of a Basic Script. AcqKnowledge is amazingly powerful and has a wide range of tools for filtering, transforming, measuring and analyzing the data, but performing the same task on every single file becomes very tedious. Use a script to eliminate repetitive and monotonous tasks that lead to errors and short cuts. Increased consistency and reproducibility will improve the quality of data generated from each experiment.

Create fully automated analysis routines and combine several complex tasks into one simple script. BIOPAC Basic Scripting is used to create all of the AcqKnowledge analysis routines, which allows the user to customize and expand them further. The AcqKnowledge analysis routines provide useful building blocks for creating further analysis routines.

Scripts are easily created within AcqKnowledge and do not require programming experience, but a familiarity with scripting will certainly help. The commands are documented in the online reference library and example scripts assist in the learning and development process. A support pack is also available that provides access to programmer support should you require it.

The Scripting licences for AcqKnowledge 4

 - enables the Script menu
- adds the Calculation channel Preset “Run Macro”
- links the BIOPAC Basic Reference under Help
- adds Preferences for Scripting

Scripting is available for Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 or above and also requires Qt SDK 4.5.0 or higher for rich dialog development.

Note - Customer created or modified scripts can only be used on computers with an AcqKnowledge Scripting license.

The “Run Macro” Preset enable automateic postprocesssing at the end of acquisition.

Single Step Execution mode halts execution after each individual line of a macro, which allows for stepping through macros line by line for debugging and development purposes.

The Variables Explorer window shows the contents of the scripting language variables.