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Biopac MP150U-W/M MP100 to MP150 System Upgrade

Upgrade your old MP100 system to the latest MP150 system with AcqKnowledge 4 software. Benefit from high-speed data acquisition, different sample rates for different channels, data acquisition over Ethernet and the extremely powerful and intuitive AcqKnowledge 4 software.

Biopac MP150U-W/M MP100 to MP150 System Upgrade

MP150U-W (Windows) and MP150U-M (Mac)

This is a research system upgrade for existing MP100 System Windows OS  or Mac OSX users to move up to the MP150 with the latest version of AcqKnowledge.

Customers must return their existing MP100 unit, power supply & cord, ISA or USB1W (Windows) or USB1M (Mac), serial cable, and UIM interface cables; they keep their UIM100 interface module.

BIOPAC will ship a complete MP150 system, minus the UIM100C module.

AcqKnowledge 4 Software

Each MP System includes AcqKnowledge software, an intuitive, highly interactive, user-friendly application that lets users instantly view, measure, transform, and analyze data. No need to learn a programming language or new protocol to get powerful, report-ready results—AcqKnowledge uses simple drop-down menus and dialogs to perform complex data acquisition, triggering, and analysis!

Record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data. Apply analysis automation tools to save hours (or days!) of processing time and standardize analysis procedures. Analysis routines score and mark the data file. Easily annotate the graph. Output multiple file formats including AcqKnowledge graph, Excel®, MATLAB®, text, and more! For detailed features, click this link to view the AcqKnowledge 4 Software Guide.

MP150 Data Acquisition

  • Ethernet-ready data acquisition and analysis
  • Recording multiple channels with differing sample rates
  • Recording speeds up to 400 kHz (aggregate)

Place one or more MP150 Systems in a local area network (LAN). Use any PC in the LAN to record from any MP150 system in the network. For detailed features, click this link to view the MP Systems Hardware Guide.


Amplifiers and accessories purchased for an MP100 system will interface seamlessly with the MP150 system.  So you can upgrade to an MP150 without having start from scratch.