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CMA111 Syringe Selector

CMA CMA 111 Syringe Selector

CMA 111 Syringe Selector Allows you to instantly switch between syringes, prevent introduction of air bubbles with no interruption of flow.
CMA 111 Syringe Sele

CMA CMA 111 Syringe Selector

  • instantly switch between syringes
  • prevent introduction of air bubble
  • no interruption of flow

The CMA 111 Syringe Selector allows automated or manual switching between one of three perfusion lines (syringes) and a microdialysis probe. This makes it possible to change different solutions instantaneously without any risk of introducing air bubbles into the microdialysis probe.

The CMA 111 Syringe Selector is motor-driven and powered from the CMA 400 Microinjection Pump.

Ordering information for CMA 111Ref. No.

830 8210 CMA 111 Syringe Selector. Tubing Kit included


340 8550 CMA 110 and 111 Tubing Kit
800 2030 CMA 400 Adapter for CMA 111    

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