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Transducers Mix

BIOPAC BIOPAC MP100 / MP150 / MP160 Transducers

TSD104A Blood pressure transducer TSD105A Physiological force transducer (adjustable) TSD107B Airflow transducer (High flow) ..

BIOPAC BIOPAC MP100 / MP150 / MP160 Transducers

BIOPAC MP100 / MP150 / MP160 Transducers


TRANSDUCERS See also: Transducer Interfaces & Accessories Interface
TSD104A Blood pressure transducer DA100C
TSD105A Physiological force transducer (adjustable) DA100C
TSD107B Airflow transducer (High flow) DA100C
TSD108 Contact microphone DA100C
TSD109C1 Triaxial Accelerometer 5 G HLT100C
TSD109F Triaxial Accelerometer 50 G HLT100C
TSD110 Pressure Pad/Respiration Transducer DA100C
TSD111A Heel/Toe strike transducer HLT100C
TSD115 or TSD115A
Variable Assessment Transducer - Slider or dial
TSD116A or B Hand switch or Foot Swicth (each) UIM100C
TSD116C 8-Channel Marker Box UIM100C
TSD117 Medium Flow Transducer (300L/min) DA100C
TSD120 Blood pressure cuff transducer DA100C
TSD121C Hand dynamometer (100kg) DA100C
TSD122A Stroboscope for VEP studies with interface for MP150 or MP100 UIM100C / STM100C
TSD123A or B * limited availability * Finger or universal pulse oximeter trans. (each) OX100C
TSD124A Finger Clip SpO2 transducer OXY100E
TSD124B Ear Clip SpO2 transducer OXY100E
TSD124C Finger Wrap SpO2 transducer OXY100E
OXY100E-200-EXT Extension Cable for SpO2 transducers OXY100E
TSD125B Force transducer - 20 g DA100C
TSD125C Force transducer - 50 g DA100C
TSD125D Force transducer - 100 g DA100C
TSD125E Force transducer - 200 g DA100C
TSD125F Fixed range force Transducer - 500 g DA100C
TSD127 Pneumotach airflow transducer (low flow) DA100C
TSD130A or B Twin axis goniometer - 110 mm or 150 mm (each) DA100C (x2)
TSD130C or D Torsiometer - 110 mm or 150 mm (each) DA100C
TSD130E Finger goniometer - 35 mm DA100C
TSD137B Pneumotach transducer ±20 ml/sec DA100C
TSD137C Pneumotach heated transducer ±83 ml/sec DA100C
TSD137D Pneumotach transducer ±150 ml/sec DA100C
TSD137E Pneumotach heated transducer ±583 ml/sec DA100C
TSD137F Pneumotach heated transducer ±1.565 L/sec DA100C
TSD137G Pneumotach transducer ±3000 ml/sec DA100C
TSD137H Pneumotach heated transducer ±13.3 L/sec DA100C
TSD140 Laser Doppler flow probe 17 mm LDF100C
TSD142 Laser Doppler flow probe - Digit LDF100C
TSD143 Laser Doppler flow probe - 10 mm LDF100C
TSD144 Laser Doppler flow needle probe - 1 mm dia LDF100C
TSD145 Laser Doppler flow needle probe - 480 micron LDF100C
TSD146 Laser Doppler flow miniature surface probe LDF100C
TSD147A Insertable single fiber probes (2) - 30 cm LDF100C
TSD147AL Insertable single fiber probes (2) - 100 cm LDF100C
TSD147B Surface single fiber probe LDF100C
TSD148 Driver adapter for single fiber probe LDF100C
TSD150A Active electrodes - Wide 35 mm HLT100C
TSD150B Active electrodes-Narrow 20 mm HLT100C
TSD155C Multi-lead ECG cable ECG100C (x3)
TSD160A Differential Pressure Transducer (A ±2.5 cm H2O) DA100C
TSD160B Differential Pressure Transducer (B ±12.5 cm H2O) DA100C
TSD160C Differential Pressure Transducer (C ±25 cm H2O) DA100C
TSD160D Differential Pressure Transducer (D ±75 cm H2O) DA100C
TSD160E Differential Pressure Transducer (E ±350 cm H2O) DA100C
TSD160F Differential Pressure Transducer (F ±1,000 cm H2O) DA100C
M373 Blue clench force bulb (use with AFT30 / AFT30XL + TSD160 for grip-strength) DA100C
TSD173A for MPMS100A: MRI -50 to 350 mbar, 10m/5cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD173B for MPMS100A: MRI -50 to 350 mbar, 10m/15cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD174A for MPMS100A: radio opaque -50 to 350 mbar, 4m/5cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD174B for MPMS100A: radio opaque -50 to 350 mbar, 4m/15cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD175A for MPMS100A: standard -50 to 350 mbar, 4m/5cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD175B for MPMS100A: standard -50 to 350 mbar, 4m/15cm MPMS100A-1/2
TSD180 for FOTS100: Fiber Optic Temp - rectal probe FOTS100
TSD181 for FOTS100: Fiber Optic Temp - surface probe FOTS100
TSD190 Tactile Stimulus Transducer STM100C
TSD200 Photo-electric plethysmograph PPG100C
TSD200C Photo-electric plethysmograph - ear clip PPG100C
TSD201 Respiration transducer RSP100C
TSD202A Fast response temperature probe SKT100C
TSD202B Banjo style surface thermistor SKT100C
TSD202C Liquid immersion thermistor SKT100C
TSD202D Digit surface thermistor SKT100C
TSD202E General purpose probe SKT100C
TSD202F Waterproof vinyl probe SKT100C
TSD203 EDA / GSR Transdcuer (pair) GSR100C
TSD237B Pneumotach transducer ±17 ml/sec DA100C
TSD237D Pneumotach transducer ±167 ml/sec DA100C
TSD237F Pneumotach transducer ±1.67 L/sec DA100C
TSD237H Pneumotach transducer ±16.7 L/sec DA100C
TSD250 VMG Transducer HLT100C / MP36R
TSD270A Veterinary SPO2 Reflectance transducer for OXY200 OXY200
TSD270B Veterinary SPO2 Wrap transducer for OXY200 OXY200

TCI100 Transducer connector- Grass DA100C
TCI101 Transducer connector - Beckman DA100C
TCI102 Transducer connector - WPI DA100C
TCI103 Transducer connector - Lafayette DA100C
TCI104 Transducer connector Honeywell DA100C
TCI105 Transducer connector-Modular Ph. Jack DA100C
TCI106 Transducer connector-Beckman (12 pin) DA100C
TCI107 Transducer connector-Nihon Kohden DA100C
TCI108 Transducer connector-Narco (7 pin) DA100C
TCI109 Transducer connector-Fukuda DA100C
TCI111 Transducer con.-liquid metal xducers (2 mm socket) DA100C
TCI112 Transducer connector-Hokanson DA100C
TCI113 Transducer connector-Hugo Sachs/Harvard App DA100C
TCI114 Transducer connector for BSL SS Series Transducers DA100C
TCIKIT/KITC Custom Interface: KIT = 7 x 2 mm, KITC = 5 x Safelead DA100C / 100C Series Biopotential Amp
TCIPPG1 Geer photo-electric (IR) for PPG100C only - 7 pin PPG100C
CBLCAL Verify signal calibration for DA100C or B-series amplifers DA100C
CBLCALC Verify signal calibration for any C-series biopotential amp. C-Series Biopotential Amps
HDW100A Force transducer tension adjuster Use with TSD125 series
HDW200 Tension adjuster adapter [diam. 6.35 mm (1/4") or less]
INISO Input signal isolated adapter HLT100C
LDFCAL Calibration kit for LDF100C LDF100C
MCEKITC Connector kit for the MCE100C MCE100C
OUT100 Mono headphones STM100C
OUT101 Tubephone ear tube electrode STM100C
OUT101E Replacement foam ear inserts (pkg 50)
OUT101T Replacement plastic tubes (pkg 4)
OUT102 Piezo audio transducer
OUT103 LED Cable, 3 m to OUT 0/1 or Dig. I/O UIM100C
OUTISO Output signal isolated adapter HLT100C
REFCAL Reference voltage calibration adapter DA100C
RX104A Replacement element for TSD104A
RX110 Replacement Pressure Pad for TSD110
RX111 Heel/Toe Strike Sensor Replacement
RX117 Replacement TSD117 head
RX120A BP cuff circumference range 9.5-13.5 cm TSD120
RX120B BP cuff circumference range 13.0-19.0 cm TSD120
RX120C BP cuff circumference range 18.4-26.7 cm TSD120
RX120D BP cuff circumference range 25.4-40.6 cm TSD120
RX120E BP cuff circumference range 34.3-50.8 cm TSD120
RX120F BP cuff circumference range 40.6-66.0 cm TSD120
RX202A Fast-Response Temp Sensor - replacement TSD202A
RXNIBPA Replacment Sensor for NIBP100A NIBP100A
RXRESTRAINER for NIBP200A: Sm. Anim. Restrainer (specify -L, -M, -S) NIBP200A
RXRESTR-MICE for NIBP200A:Small Animal Restrainer-Mice NIBP200A
RXTCUFSENSOR for NIBP200A: Tail Cuff (specify 9.5/11/13 mm) NIBP200A
TAILHEAT for NIBP200A: Heater (A-110 V/60 Hz, B-220 V/ 50 Hz) NIBP200A

REMOTE MONITORING Description Compatible with:
TEL100C Remote monitoring module set MP100 / MP150
TEL100C-M Remote monitoring module replacement amplifier/belt pack (not suitable for use with TEL100C-RF - these require matching serial numbers)
SS1A Simple sensor-Unshield Touchproof elec lead adpt TEL100
SS2 Simple sensor - shielded electrode lead set TEL100
SS3A Simple sensor - GSR electrodes TEL100
SS4A Simple sensor - Pulse plethysmogram TEL100
SS5B Simple sensor - Respiration transducer TEL100
SS6 Simple sensor - Fast response thermistor TEL100
SS7 Simple sensor - Skin temperature thermistor TEL100
SS10 Simple sensor - Hand switch TEL100
SS11A Simple sensor - Airflow transducer TEL100
SS17 Simple sensor - Physiological sounds mic TEL100
SS20 Simple sensor-Twin axis goniometer -110 mm TEL100 (2 inputs)
SS21 Simple sensor-Twin axis goniometer -150 mm TEL100 (2 inputs)
SS22 Simple sensor-Torsiometer - 110 mm TEL100
SS23 Simple sensor - Torsiometer - 150 mm TEL100
SS24 Simple sensor - Finger goniometer TEL100
SS25 Simple sensor - Hand dynamometer (100 kg) TEL100
SS26A Triaxial Accelerometer 5 G TEL100
SS27 Triaxial Accelerometer 50 G TEL100
SS28A Simple sensor - Heel/toe strike transducer TEL100
SS29 Simple sensor - Multi-lead ECG Cable (uses 3 channels) TEL100 (3 inputs)