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TF-2 Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

TF-2 is Tail-Flick analgesy meter features temperature measurments.

TF-2 Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

Objective and accurate assessment of analgesic efficacy is one of the most difficult measurements to perform. The technique of D’Amour and Smith (1941) relies on latency to flick of the tail from onset of a focused beam of light. This method, employed for decades, has now been augmented by the ability to monitor temperature at the site of exposure. Columbus Instruments model TF-2 is the newest model in our line of analgesia / nociceptive monitoring products. The TF-2, an expanded version of our time-tested Tail Flick Apparatus, is equipped with three “T”-type thermocouple inputs that allow concurrent measurement of room, rectal and exposure site temperatures. All three temperature readings are recorded at the moment of nociceptive action. The TF-2 maintains all the programmable features of the our original Tail Flick Apparatus and adds improved PC interface / software as well as subject management capability.

The TF-2 employs a small (0.016” , 0.4 mm diameter) Teflon sheathed probe to sense tail temperature. The probe’s size allows it to interleave within the fine hairs that coat the tails of most rodents and make contact with the skin surface. The probe position is such that it is oriented at the point of exposure.

The TF-2 allows for the concurrent monitoring of up to three temperature “T”-type thermocouple sensors. Three temperatures provides full disclosure of the conditions under which the test was performed. Temperature channels two and three may be employed for rectal and room measurements. The TF-2 records all three temperatures at the time of tail-flick. All temperatures are sensed with 0.1°C accuracy over a range of 0-55°C. Full calibration of the sensors can be performed from the front panel to allow GLP validation.

The TF-2 maintains the halogen light source in a ready-state by keeping the filament pre-heated with a small current. A generic scale (0-25) defining stimulus intensity is user adjustable in 0.1 increments. Automatic cutoff of the stimulus, to prevent over exposure, is user adjustable from 5-30 seconds.

The TF-2 provides a automatic detection of tail flick (by photocell interruption) as well as an interactive (user performed) method. Both processes detect latency with a temporal resolution of 0.01 second.

The TF-2 includes basic animal management capability that allows identification.

The TF-2 is equipped with a PC interface and associated software for Windows. All data on the PC is stored in a simple *.CSV format for integration with spreadsheets or statistical analysis programs.

Features / Specifications

Fast Response Temperature Probe
3-channels of Temperature Sensing
Rapid onset and control of stimulus
High Precision Latency Detection
Animal Management Capability
Fully Equipped Standard Unit

Ordering Information

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