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Responder-X - Startle Response

Designed to accurately quantify the vertical component of motion associated with the startle reflex

Responder-X - Startle Response

The Columbus Instruments' Responder-X is designed to accurately quantify the vertical component of motion associated with the startle reflex. The assessment of the startle reflex is a key indicator in evaluating sensory and CNS performance. In practice, the subject is presented with some type of stimuli: acoustic, tactile or electric shock while situated on a device that records motion. The recorded parameters are: latency from stimulus onset to response and magnitude of response. The Responder-X employs a high precision single point load cell for the measurement of motion. This device is attached to a platform on which the animal is housed in such a fashion as to allow free movement. The single point design of the sensor assures equivalent measurements regardless of animal location. The sensors are manufactured to precise standards that yield linear performance, wide dynamic range and matched performance. The Responder-X is a computer controlled system that can be configured for experiments requiring concurrent measurements in eight subjects.

Advances in the use of startle reflex monitoring have lead Columbus Instruments to incorporate more features to support the use of this popular testing method. These new features include: pre-pulse presentation for potentiated startle reflex monitoring, Latin Square program design and pseudo-random stimulus delivery.

The Responder-X is the most flexible complete solution to startle reflex testing. Special consideration has been given to enclosure designs that screen animals from external acoustical interference. Stimulus position is such that the subject is assured consistent delivery while maintaining a free roaming environment. Additional design features are incorporated on the controlling software to assure ease of use and capable tools for acquisition and review.

The Responder-X is supplied with the required interface and software for connection and operation on Windows PC.


Features / Specifications

Reliable position independent sensing of restrained or unrestrained animals
Wide dynamic range sensing of startle motion
Multiple subject testing
Built-in acoustic stimulus with White Noise background and pre-pulse capability
Adaptable to custom stimulus presentation
Random selection of stimulus frequency and presentation timing
Measures force of response in defined scientific units (grams)
Full support of acoustic, habituation, and pre-pulse inhibition

12-bit (1:4096) startle reflex signal resolution
1 millisecond temporal resolution of latency measurements
Built-in acoustical stimulus source with 100dB SPL capability
Supports up to eight animals
Electrical and air-puff stimuli available as an option


Ordering Information

0600-1 Responder-X-1 for 1 animal with acoustical stimulus
0600-2 Responder-X-2 for 2 animals with acoustical stimulus
0600-4 Responder-X-4 for 4 animals with acoustical stimulus
0600-8 Responder-X-8 for 8 animals with acoustical stimulus
0620 Responder-X Electrical Stimulus (per cage)
0630 Responder-X Air Puff Stimulus (first cage)(includes compressed air source)
0631 Responder-X Air Puff Stimulus (per each additional cage)
0640-1 Responder-X Isolation Cabinet (per animal station)
0650-R1 Responder-X Rat Restrainer (80-150g) [50x204mm] [0219-4200]
0650-R2 Responder-X Rat Restrainer (150-200g)[57x204mm] [0219-4205]
0650-R3 Responder-X Rat Restrainer (200-350g)[63x204mm] [0219-4210]
0650-R4 Responder-X Rat Restrainer (350-550g)[76x254mm] [0219-4215]
0650-R5 Responder-X Rat Restrainer (350-550g)[89x254mm] [0219-4220]
0650-M1 Responder-X Mouse Restrainer (15-35g)[28x110mm] [0219-4730]
0650-M2 Responder-X Mouse Restrainer (35-50g)[31x110mm] [0219-4735]