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O2 Analyzer: Paramax-101

A paramagnetic sensor based oxygen analyzer capable of monitoring over the range of 0-100%, with 0.001% stability.

O2 Analyzer: Paramax-101

The Paramax-101 Oxygen analyzer is based on a paramagnetic sensor capable of monitoring over the range of 0-100%. Paramagnetism is a quality that allows oxygen molecules to become attracted by a magnetic field. Few gases have such susceptibility, NO2 being the only other gas that shows significant effect. This quality allows the Paramax-101 to sense oxygen in environments (in the presence of other gases) that would otherwise be impossible using electrochemical technologies.

Some electrochemical sensors can be “poisoned”, or mis-read oxygen content, due to the presence of other gases. Zirconia sensors cannot operate with potentially combustible components present in the sample due to the high operating temperature of the sensor.

The Paramax-101 has the unique ability of being adjusted to operate within a 1% span anywhere within its 0-100% operating range. Within the required span, the Paramax-101 delivers an operating stability of 0.001% O2 for up to 6 hours. Precise pressure & temperature controls within Paramax-101 and magnetic shielding allow it to achieve levels of performance that place it at the forefront of oxygen sensing technologies.

Connections at the rear of the Paramax-101 include current and voltage outputs for connection to data collection systems or controllers. An optional RS-232 connection is available for direct connection to computers or controllers.

The Paramax-101 requires a sample flow of 5 to 200 cc/min for operation. Response time, (90%) to a step change in concentration at 200 cc/min, is 5 seconds. The required flow can be created by external means or with an optional sampling pump. Higher flows can be accommodated by using a shunt to divert excessive flow.


Features / Specifications

Paramagnetic Sensing
0-100% O2 operating range
Not influenced by most other gases
RS-232 presentation of data
Stability of 0.001% O2 (for 6 hours)
Adjustable range and span

Total Span: 0-100%
Resolution: 0.002% of specified range
Stability: 0.001% O2 over 6 hours
Air Sample Flow: 5 to 200 mL/min (larger with high flow bypass)
Outputs: 4-20mA, 0-1V
Operating Temperature: Ooto 30oC


Ordering Information

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