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Oxymax H

An open circuit indirect calorimeter for use with humans.
Oxymax H

Oxymax H

Oxymax-H is Columbus Instruments' non-clinical metabolic monitoring system. The instrument employs the same analytical grade gas sensors employed in the entire Oxymax line. Measurements are made by affixing a mask or canopy to the subject through which a continuous flow of air is drawn. The rate is selected so as to collect all expired gases from the subject. The flow is accurately metered by a precise controller that measures the exact mass of air being transported. A small sample is drawn from the effluent flow, dried, and presented to an electrochemical Oxygen sensor (paramagnetic and zirconia sensors also available) and a single beam non-dispersive Carbon Dioxide sensor. The resulting values are processed by the Oxymax H controlling software for presentation of Oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio, and heat.

Oxymax H may also be employed in situations where the use of a mask may not be suitable; it works equally well with a tent or canopy.

Equations for Energy Expenditure


Features / Specifications

Oxygen Sensor Range: 19.0% to 21.25%

Oxygen Sensor Accuracy: 1% of reading, 1 digit

Carbon Dioxide Sensor Range: 0% to 1.0%

Carbon Dioxide Sensor Accuracy: 1% of reading,  1 digit

Flow Meter Range: 45-450 Liters per Minute

Flow Meter Accuracy: 1% of reading,  1 digit