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Oxymax Equal Flow VO2 VCO2 RER Heat

An indirect open circuit calorimeter designed to simultaneously measure metabolic performance of multiple subjects that have similar ventilation needs.
Oxymax Equal

Oxymax Equal Flow VO2 VCO2 RER Heat

The Columbus Instruments Oxymax Equal Flow System is an indirect open circuit calorimeter designed to simultaneously measure metabolic performance of multiple subjects that have similar ventilation needs. The system monitors oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations by volume at the inlet and outlet ports of a chamber, canopy, tent, or mask through which a known flow of air is being forcibly ventilated. The difference in gas concentrations along with flow information is employed to calculate oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio and heat. All data provided by the Oxymax Equal Flow is corrected to an STP of 0degC and 760 mmHg. The system presents data in normalized forms that are user-defined.

The Oxymax Equal Flow is configured for positive ventilation of multiple subjects. The total flow of a single source of air is accurately monitored before entering the equal flow distribution system. Within the equal flow distribution system is a manifold designed to distribute the incoming flow equally among all attached chambers. Up to 32 chambers are supported. A second flow meter within the instrument provides a secondary method of assuring that the total flow is properly distributed. The Oxymax Equal Flow can be supplied with positive ventilation systems that deliver 100 mL/Min to 10 LPM per subject. Consult Columbus Instruments with the specific details of your application.

The Oxymax Equal Flow is constructed with stable gas sensors that have been optimized for sensing concentrations near ambient conditions. A typical Oxymax Equal Flow measurement is accurately made from readings that differ by as little as 0.1% from inlet to outlet. The Oxymax Equal Flow employs methods and control systems that assure accurate and repeatable results under changing environmental conditions. The controlling software has been designed to provide ease of use with powerful abilities that enable the Oxymax Equal Flow to adapt to your specific calorimetric measurement needs. The Oxymax Equal Flow hardware allows connection to virtually any additional testing equipment and logs their measured values into the Oxymax Equal Flow data file.

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Features / Specifications

Simple operation with Experiment Checklist documents proper set-up and execution
Auto-Tracking and Correction of errors caused by changes in the testing environment
Supports 2 to 32 subjects of similar size
Adaptable to a wide range of subject size and testing

Oxygen Sensor:
Range: 18.9% to 21.2% Resolution: 0.002% O2
Drift: less than 0.25% O2 / 24 Hours
Range:0-100% Resolution: 0.002% of specified range
Drift: less than 0.06% of specified range per 24 Hours
Carbon Dioxide Sensor:
Range: 0%-0.8% Resolution: 0.002% CO2
Drift: (zero) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour
Drift: (span) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour


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7518 Oxymax Equal Flow Two Chamber System
7520 Oxymax Equal Flow Four Chamber System
7540 Oxymax Equal Flow Eight Chamber System
7550 Oxymax Equal Flow Ten Chamber System
7560 Oxymax Equal Flow Sixteen Chamber System
7565 Oxymax Equal Flow Twenty Chamber System
7567 Oxymax Equal Flow Thirty Two Chamber System

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