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hole poke

Hole Poke Activity Meter

Quantitative measure of exploratory behaviour.
Hole Poke

Hole Poke Activity Meter

Hole Poke Activity Meter

A special adaptation of the Opto Max Activity Monitor gives the ability to quantitativley measure exploratory behavior. The typical configuration consists of a hole poke board with nine (9) to sixteen (16) holes lying over horzontal X and Y axis sensors. Above the board are a second set of X/Y axis sensors. Data collected includes frequency and duration of each "nose poke" as well as positional and ambulatory data (distance traveled, zone entries, ambulatory vs. total movement, etc.). System comes inclusive with Windows software (Auto Track)

Features / Specifications

Each sensor pair equipped with 16 IR beams, 1" (25.4 mm) apart provide high resolution for differentiation between ambulatory and non-ambulatory movements for both rats and mice.

Each single pair of sensors can monitor 1 cage with 16 IR beams or 2 smaller cages with 8 IR beams.

Ability to monitor small, as well as large, animal cages (up to 1 m x 1 m).

Sensors can be positioned side by side for creating longer sensors (32 or 48 IR beams), one above another to separately measure horizontal and vertical activity or in X-Y configuration.

"Daisy Chain" connections minimize cables and make it ideal for large multiple cage systems.

RS-232 communication with computer provides convenient interface to computer. Software computes animal activity and animal position within the cage.

Each sensor functions as both emitter and receiver.

Each sensor is equipped with its own microcomputer for scanning IR beams and communication with computer.

Double modulation of IR beams and use of infrared filters provide high sensitivity and immunity to ambient light interference.


Ordering Information

0397CI Opto-Max Computer Interface (supports 8 sensor sets)

0397AT Opto-Max "Auto-Track" Windows Software

0397SS Opto-Max Standard Sensor Set

0397MB-XYZ Opto-Max XYZ Mounting Brackets (one set per station)

0397OFC Opto-Max Open Field Cage (17"x17"x8")(43cm*43cm*20cm)

0397HPBR Opto-Max Open Field Cage "Hole Poke" Board for Rats

0397HPBM Opto-Max Open Field Cage "Hole Poke" Board for Mice