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Feed-Scale - Feeding Computer

Measures the mass of food removed from a container that resides on a precision balance as well as information

Feed-Scale - Feeding Computer

Feed-Scale measures the mass of food removed from a container that resides on a precision balance. Episodes of feeding are noted by activity (an unstable reading) at the feeding container. Feed-Scale records mass and activity readings from as many as 64 feeding stations. A feeding station may monitor food or liquid consumption. In addition, Feed-Scale can be adapted to monitor licking behavior as well as consumption when equipped with Columbus Instruments' model DM-8 Drinking Monitor.

A typical Feed-Scale installation might comprise eight precision balances, two allocated to each animal cage for a total of four monitored subjects. Each subject can access two diets through openings in the floor of the cage. The food-stuff is contained in a dish that sits atop a balance. In addition, each cage may be equipped with a single sipper tube for the delivery of water. Sipper tubes are connected to the Feed-Scale system via a DM-8 Drinking Monitor interface and a suitable Columbus Instruments' Computer Counter Interface.

The experiment is described during a software set-up that provides for entry of 'starting time', 'sample interval' and the number of samples to be taken. Data can be printed and/or stored to a disk file(s). A status display, presented during the experiment, informs the operator of the current and accumulated values for consumption on each animal/diet. Data files maintained by Feed-Scale are *.CSV formatted for incorporation into statistical programs for detailed analysis.

Feed-Scale is sold as a modular system comprising: an interface and software for a Windows compatible computer, feeding stations, cages (manufactured to support the required number of feeding stations) and sipper assemblies with additional supporting electronics. Consult Columbus Instruments for a specific configuration.

This can also be specified with automated food access control.  Please ask for further information.


Features / Specifications

Measures mass of food taken from dispenser
Measures volume of liquid taken from dispenser
Will work with multiple diets and/or multiple animals
Supports up to 64 food dispensers
Monitors number of feeding/drinking bouts
Monitors time of feeding/drinking
Mass measurements accurate to 10 mg
MDI Software compatible.

Maximum Number of Feeding Stations: 64
Full Scale Capacity of Standard Feeding Station:
200 grams (other capacities available)
Resolution of Standard Feeding Station: 10 mg
Standard Cage Dimensions:
17" x 17" x 8" (43cm x 43cm x 20cm) with support for one Feeding Station


Ordering Information

1121 Feed-Scale Interface and MDI Software
1150M Feed-Scale Feeding Sensor for Mice
1150R Feed-Scale Feeding Sensor for Rats
1176M Feed-Scale Feeding Chamber for Rat (one feeder) with Lid and Sipper Tube
1176R Feed-Scale Feeding Chamber for Mouse (one feeder) with Lid and Sipper Tube

Contact Columbus Instruments for Custom Configurations