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UB 7140 Plethysmometer

Ugo Basile 7140 - Plethysmometer

Device for determining paw volume for inflammation studies.

Ugo Basile 7140 - Plethysmometer

In research on rheumatoid arthritis, the central development of oedema, and its modifications by pharmacological processes, it has proved of great value to measure inflammatory processes in the paw.

The Ugo Basile Plethysmometer 7140 displays the exact paw volume on the graphic LCD read-out. Small differences
are detected by a transducer of original design. The 7140 is provided with a pedal holding-command which freezes the reading, enableing the operator to concentrate its attention to the paw dipping.

The paw volume is shown on the multifunction graphic display in four digits, with 0.01 ml resolution. A zero key is provided to zero the meter before each measurement.

Microprocessor Controlled Instrument.

Main Features:
Computer compatibility : direct connection to PC (via the 52050 SOFTWARE INCLUDED)
Read-out : multifunction graphic display
Print-out : by optional thermal MiniPrinter 7145