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Non-Magnetic Air Valve for Piston / Starling Venti

Allows the use of virtually any Piston / Starling type animal ventilator within and MRI environment.

Non-Magnetic Air Valve for Piston / Starling Venti

Non-Magnetic Air Valve for Piston / Starling Ventilators


Columbus Instruments has developed a Remote Ventilator Valve which allows placing a piston ventilator a distance from the ventilated animal. This device was developed at the request of physiologists who have need to ventilate lab animals placed in an NMR machine. Most ventilators have magnetic metal components which cannot be placed close to the NMR's strong magnetic field. This new valve allows any piston ventilator to be placed remotely without adding "dead space" to the respiratory track.


Features / Specifications

All plastic construction
Minimizes resistance in the exhaust pathway allowing the animal to exhale completely
Allows remote location of ventilator


Ordering Information

7950-NMV CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Non-Magnetic Air Valve