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Sutter Instruments TRIO™ 3-Axis Micromanipulator System
TRIO™ 3-Axis Micromanipulator System
Sutter Instruments IPA™ Integrated Patch Amplifier
IPA™ Integrated Patch Amplifier
Sutter Instruments QUAD® 4-Axis Motorized Micromanipulator
QUAD® 4-Axis Motorized Micromanipulator
Physitemp Freezing Stages for Microtomes
Freezing Stages for Microtomes
Physitemp Heating and Cooling Stages for Microscopes
Heating and Cooling Stages for Microscopes
McIlwain  Tissue Chopper
Tissue Chopper
Linton Instrumentation Tissue Bath Stations
Tissue Bath Stations
Sutter Instrument Company SmartShutter™ Stepper-motor driven shutter
SmartShutter™ Stepper-motor driven shutter
Sutter Instrument Company Microscope Adapters
Microscope Adapters

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